March 03, 2021

Rizal's Most Relaxing Destinations for Nature Lovers

With the abundance of natural attractions in Rizal, this province could be considered synonymous with serenity. Located east of Metro Manila, Rizal is one of the most popular locations for weekend getaways because of its accessibility. When the metro’s hubbub becomes overwhelming and deafening, taking a trip to Rizal can bring back the much-needed inner peace.

Rizal’s Hotspots for Nature Trips

When embarking on a nature trip, never dismiss visiting the tranquil confines of Rizal. The place is rich in picturesque landscapes and transcendental sites you’d want to see over and over again. Here are some of them. 

  • Mystical Cave, Antipolo - Do you believe in visions? If not, visiting Mystical Cave may change your mind. This eight-story wonder is filled with rock formations carrying the images of Nazarene, St. Peter, Holy Trinity, and many more. It is believed that Inday Nelly Deles, who had dreams and visions about the place, discovered the cave in the 1970s. 

  • Palo Alto Falls, Tanay - Palo Alto Falls is situated in a 200-hectare residential and commercial development in the low-key neighborhood of Baras. Pathways leading to the main waterfall are designed for a leisurely climb; the 60-feet waterfall then forms a swimming pool for the guests. Lush trees and cabanas surround the pool area for the most relaxing sight.
  • Mount Daraitan, Tanay - Catch the magical golden hour when you climb Mount Daraitan in Tanay. Besides the majestic sunrise views, being on top gives you a breathtaking and calming view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Daraitan River, and Mount Batulao. If feeling more energized, take a side trip to Tinipak River, another precious gem of Tanay, filled with pristine waters and rock formations.  
  • Pililla Wind Farm, Pilillia - An awe-inspiring location reminiscent of Ilocos Norte’s gigantic windmills, Pilillia Wind Farm has rolling landscapes dotted with giant wind turbines. Breathe in the cool air and appreciate the scenic beauty of Rizal plains at no cost!

Nature-Inspired Developments in Rizal

Nature has an inexplicable way of calming the mind, which is vital in today’s fast-paced world. Located not-so-far from the metro, Rizal is becoming one of the prime locations to buy a home. No longer will you take nature trips occasionally or during the holidays only. Nature-inspired residential developments in Rizal allow future residents to connect and be one with nature at all times. Such developments include Tropical Palm Residences in Antipolo, where mornings are greeted by lush landscapes and mountain breeze.

Settling Down in the Nature-Rich Antipolo in Rizal

Tropical Palm Residences is situated in Antipolo, easily accessible from different parts of the metro via Marilaque Road or Marikina-Infanta Highway. Despite its high level of accessibility, Antipolo can tuck you into Rizal’s natural wonders. This allows you to quickly shift gears — join the city’s hustle and bustle and bask in the beauty of nature when it’s time to rest.

Settling down in Antipolo calls for a home where you can feel utmost comfort. Tropical Palm Residences offers townhouses with a spacious floor area of 64 sqm, a balcony for quick nature viewing, and functional amenities for an active lifestyle. 

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