March 03, 2021

Townhouse Decorating Hacks to Maximize Your Living Space

Townhouse units are among the most budget-friendly housing options you’ll find in the market today. They offer a decent, liveable space to accommodate different family sizes. Townhouses, like those you’ll find in Tropical Palm Residence in Rizal, can have three bedrooms. They’re relatively spacious for a small family, but as the number of household members increases, it’s easy to think that there isn’t much space for everything.

The beauty of buying a bare-type townhouse is that you have the freedom to customize the interior any way you want. But don’t lose track of your main goals: to maximize the space and make the entire house look and feel bigger. There’s always space for more when you follow these townhouse decorating tips.

Paint the Walls White 

Take architectural cues from the large windows of Tropical Palm townhouses. These windows help “bathe” the living space in natural light, and it’s no secret that light colors make the room look more spacious. Aside from having large windows, painting the house in stark white will visually expand the space. Choosing darker colors will only absorb the light, while mixing rich hues can make the room look smaller.

Add Dual-Purpose Furnishings

Why buy a coffee table and storage box separately if you can have them in one piece of furniture? Dual-purpose items are ideal for not-so-large houses. If well-designed, these furnishings can also double as an accent piece for your home. For instance, a white-coated room can have a multi-purpose rattan table for a Scandinavian-inspired interior.

In the kitchen area, you can also try adding pull-out baskets or drawers. These multi-layered sliding shelves allow you to organize your utensils in one place. Some pull-out drawers can be customized to hold appliances like microwave ovens, so they don’t have to take up space on the counter.

Store Your Belongings Under the Stairs 

Typical townhomes have two floors, just like the units at Tropical Palm Residence. If you’re looking for more storage space, look under the stairs. Use it as a closet for unsightly items or install hidden drawers for a fancier storage area. Another great idea is to convert the under-stair storage to a kitchen pantry, a reading spot, or a cozy nook for the family pet.

Make Use of Built-in Cabinets

Besides the empty space under the stairs, Tropical Palm townhomes have built-in cabinets, which you can use for storage. Modern developments like these are designed to solve basic storage problems at home. Create more space by adding built-in shelves in unused areas for accessories and other personal items. 

Carve Zones Out of a Spare Room

A three-bedroom unit similar to a Tropical Palm townhouse allows you to turn sleeping areas into zones for studying or playing. Small kids can sleep in one room and hang out together in the study corner and playroom. Creating zones can also help in keeping things organized and the entire home peaceful.

When living in a multi-story townhouse, it’s important to note that the bedrooms are not just for sleeping. You can transform them into a dressing room, a multi-purpose guest room, or a small office to make your home more functional. 

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