March 03, 2021

It’s Worth Paying Extra for These 5 Townhouse Features

Affordability is among the main drivers of townhouse demand in the Philippines. Compared to a conventional or single-detached home, a townhouse has a smaller space and a shared wall with another house, so its price is generally lower than more “exclusive” units. 

While homebuyers typically choose a townhouse because of its reasonable price, certain features make some townhouses better than others. This means that choosing a townhouse unit doesn’t always equate to settling for less. If you look at the townhouse units at Tropical Palm Residences in Rizal, you’ll realize that townhomes can be just as elegant as single-detached houses. If you’re looking for a practical yet cozy townhouse, you wouldn’t mind paying extra for the following features: 

Fully Finished Unit 

Fully finished and fully furnished houses often get thrown in the same conversation, but these are two different things. When buying a townhouse at Tropical Palm Residences, for example, you’ll get a fully-finished house, complete with tile flooring, electrical wirings, built-in cabinets, ceiling, and a kitchen counter. It doesn’t have furniture or appliances, but a fully-furnished house does.

A fully finished unit can be costlier than a bare-type unit, but this feature is worth having — no need to hire other workers or deal with the interior finishings yourself. 

An Extra Bedroom 

Typical townhouses offer two bedrooms, but starting or growing families could use an extra. This means less moving even when the number of family members increases. Otherwise, the extra bedroom can be converted into another area, such as a game room, home office, or a study room.

Outdoor Lifestyle Amenities

In a townhouse community, you won’t always find amenities designed for recreational purposes. But if you prefer going on relaxation mode every once in a while, without the hassle of long travels, consider modern townhouse communities like Tropical Palm Residences.

These residential developments typically have a dedicated area for resort-style amenities, including a clubhouse with a swimming pool. There's also a playground for the children and a basketball court for the sports fans. 

Residential Greenery 

A touch of green — be it in the form of pocket parks or tree-lined streets — is always a housing feature worth the cost. Green spaces can positively impact your overall health by reducing stress levels and improving air quality. Greenery also allows you to stay in touch with nature, and when complemented with a cool climate, you can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle every day.

A Gated Garage

A gated garage is indeed a feature worth having for homebuyers with personal vehicles. It offers a safe parking space that doubles as a storage area for other bulky equipment. No car? No problem. A garage can have other uses when you spruce it up the right way. It can be turned into a playroom where kids can move more freely, or an entertainment space for intimate outdoor gatherings.

All these impressive features can be found in the townhouse community of Tropical Palm Residences. Located in the tranquil confines of Brgy. San Isidro in Antipolo, Rizal, townhouse living in this community goes on another level because of its serene environment and accessibility.

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